Our donation to the defibrilator fund.

Above you will see your committee members presenting our donation by cheque to the Chairman of RCT Heroes Defibrillator Fund.

In the above image you will see:

Bob Hemmings, Darren Williams,  David Healy and Alan Banwell.
Hon Secretary,  Comp Secretary, Director R.C.T Heart Heroes, Club Chairman                                            
Presentation of a Cheque on behalf of the Ospreys FFA to R.C.T HEART FOR HEROES Defibrillator fund.

Thank you for allowing us to join the list of clubs and societies that are paving the way to help people in dire needs in this region. We hope our contribution will help to save a life someday.

We also have a Defibrillator fitted to the o the side of the Ospreys Club room carpark side.

Information on how to acquire the Defibrillator for use is on the Defibrillator box, Phone number call and the location code of the Defibrillator box, the emergency service operator will then give you a code to open the Defibrillator box

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