Osprey Competition Results 2024

Results from 1st boat comp Chew 31/03/24

Well a terrific turnout for this competition with 30 anglers taking part and again a few new faces have joined the Ospreys this year, it’s great to see our club growing, I haven’t seen that many for a long time.

The conditions on the day were dry and overcast with moderate north easterly wind most of the day.

7 of the 15 boats headed to Herons as the reports were that they stocked here a few days before.

The others spread out in the middle around the cages and a couple went over the north shore.

It was a bit coloured in Herons but the odd fish were caught in the morning close in down the right hand side from the trees after the green bank down to the dam.

By lunchtime all the boats left this area and went looking for other spots but some returned in the afternoon to catch a few more.

The cages fished well through the morning with a couple of anglers catching consistently but it slowed down after lunchtime.

The slack water in front of Denny island fished well also, a couple of limits came from there.

The north shore was also a popular place and fish were caught here too.

A Di 3 was the most popular line for the day but some did well on tip lines also.

Lots of fish were caught at the end of the retrieve on the hang.

9 anglers managed to catch the limit of 7 fish but some released a few more.

The results are

1st     Alice Davies             7 fish  19Lb  6oz

2nd   Darren Williams       7 fish  18Lb  9oz

3rd    Neal Anthony          7 fish   17Lb  2oz

4th    Tim Llewellyn          7 fish   17Lb  3oz

5th    Matthew Griffiths   7 fish   16Lb  12oz

6th    Rhys Jones             7 fish   15Lb  14oz

Heaviest fish

Dennis Baynham  5Lb  6 1/2oz rainbow

Total caught 124 fish

Rod average 4.13

Osprey Competition Results 2022


A nice turnout for our first match of the year with 16 Anglers attending. it was to see some new members attending including two experienced welsh ladies international team anglers who had traveled from Llandeilo and Gwynedd, a warm welcome to you all.

A difficult day with a strong cold north easterly wind blowing all day which made a few of the favourite places un-fishable on the day.

five anglers started fishing on tank no3. 6 anglers started on tank no2 and others went onto tank no1.

it was very slow at the start with only ones and two caught up to lunchtime. by now everyone started to moving around the lakes looking for fish, Matthew Griffiths was the only angler left on tank no3 and was on 3 fish at lunchtime.

I had a nice fish of over 4lb on my 3rd cast on tank no2 witch was the heaviest fish of the day and i picked up the pool money for the heaviest fish.

Alice Davies noticed a few fish moving higher in the water on tank no1 and switched to a dry line taking a couple of fish with a gold head damsel on the point.

Credit to Jack Rundle who found the stockies on tank no2, he built his 7 fish bag and a few released using a D7 40plus line and a cat booby pulling with a steady roly poly retrieve, it didn’t take long before a few of us squeezed in as close as we could to him and started to take a few fish.

the favoured method of the day was pulling a fast sink line with boobies and lures,

better fish seemed to be taken on tanks 1 & 3.

The Results for the day are

1st Matthew Griffiths with 6 fish for 12lb 6oz

2nd Jack Rundle with 7 fish for 11lb 7oz

3rd Alice Davies 5 fish for 9lb 6oz

4th Marco Orsi 6 fish for 9lb 6oz

5th Darren Williams 4 fish for 9lb 3oz

6th Neal Anthony 4 fish for 5lb 5oz

Heaviest fish Darren Williams for 4lb 6oz

RESULT OF THE 2nd BANK COMP Llyngwyn 19.03.2022

A dozen anglers turned up for this competition, quite a good turnout considering the rugby was on today.

Llyngwyn is a stunning little venue situated in the woodlands just east of Nant Glas off the A470 run by Rhayader Angling Club who stock it regularly with hard fighting rainbows trout.

we where met with blue skies and plenty of Red Kites soaring above but the wind was tough to day with an easterly blowing at a constant 20mph all day which made it hard to get a good cast out.

fishing was slow to start with, I had 2 hours with a floating line and a hot head lures with not a pull, the odd fish was caught using a 40plus slow glass pulling similar lures but but it was very slow.

I changed to a Di 740 plus with two Boobies and had my first fish on the first cast, a hour later I had caught my 3 fish bag, I thought I was the first the bag limit But Alan Barnwell had already had his bag limit near the boathouse with a mix of Di7 and slowglass lines.

Stephen Williams was struggling to get ANY fish but had a purple patch catching all his fish within one hour during the afternoon .

Marco Orsi released a further 4 fish during the match.

8 out of the 12 anglers caught their 3fish limit so it would be a close match with the results.


1st Alan Barbwell 3 fish for 5lb 0oz

2nd Stephen Williams 3 fish for 4lb 15oz

3rd Neal Anthony 3 for 4lb 14 1/2oz

4th Darren Williams 3 fish for 4lb 12oz

5th Bob Emmings 3 fish for 9lb 1/2oz

6th Marco Orsi 3 fish for 4lb 1/2oz

Heaviest fish Alan Barnwell for 2lb rainbow